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Do you have an area outside your home that doesn’t really have a purpose? A vacant side area or corner that never gets used and just looks bland, sad and lonely?  

Well this type of ‘dead space’ is perfect for transforming into an extra outdoor living nook for chilling, reading or chatting with a friend.

Sometimes, when we're busy using the main areas of a home, it’s easy to neglect those extra areas that we rarely see or access. Next time you step outside, take a moment and look at your lonely space with ‘fresh eyes.’ Consider what elements could be added to freshen it up and make it useable. 

To help you fuel your imagination, here are some great (but simple) makeover ideas, that can easily give your dead end space, a new lease of life!

1. Bring in the Decking
Nothing transforms a dirty patch of earth outdoors, than a timber deck. Choose a quality timber that is waterproof and will stand the test of time. If your deck extends out from the side of your home, paint your deck the same colour as the outside of your house to create a sense of flow.

2. Hide the Ugly Fence
If your backyard fence in your ‘dead space’ is a bit of an ‘eye sore,’ a great way to style up the space, is to build a feature wall in front of it. You’ll need a timber frame, blue board and render to do the job. Then just paint in the same colour as your decking for fresh outdoor look. You could even add some interesting decorative wall art for added interest. 

3. Pretty Up a Pathway
Imagine inviting your guests to your backyard BBQ, and ushering them in via a delightful side pathway. Beautiful cobblestones or decorative pavers add a touch of chic and ambience. The perfect welcome mat for your new stylish nook. 

4. Style, Style, Style
Now the you have a fresh foundation, it’s time to give it some personality. Think stylish and comfortable, so you’re tempted to stop, sit and sip on a summery drink. Adding a bench seat with pretty throw cushions always works a treat. Experiment with stylish pieces that complement your space. 

A bench seat with pretty throw cushions always works a treat. Rattan furniture and one or two large potted plants, sings summer vibes and a low leisurely tables, Morrocan lamps and a stunning shade umbrella, are all fab additions to give your spare space a mini resort feel.

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