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As the price of housing increases, so does our penchant for buying small apartments, it just makes such good financial sense! But there are downsides to downsizing, namely the lack of storage space. But there are lots of tips and tricks for streamlining tiny home living. Check out these space savvy storage ideas and start getting organised….

1. Entryway storage

A sleek, well organised entryway says a lot about your home. A storage bench with cubby holes and liftable lid, is a great option for tucking away shoes, and storing umbrellas. Utilise entry way wall space by installing hooks for coats and jackets.

2. Hideaway Storage

Think ‘integrated’ when it comes to furniture, especially in living and kitchen areas. Buy pieces with shelves, lids, drawers etc. so you can store extra knickknacks, cushions, magazines, which can easily make a space look busy. Hideaway storage especially works well for kitchens, with pull out slimline cabinets, roll back backsplash shelving and inserting smaller drawers into larger ones to maximise utility. 

3. Book Storage

If you’re a book lover then finding space for your collection can be a challenge in a small apartment. The answer? Get creative with your shelving - an unused fireplace, a headboard, a small nook, a stairwell - anything can become a bookshelf with a little foresight. A sturdy book stack can be used as a table for a vase or lamp. Bookshelves also make great room dividers for studios.

4. Wall Hung Storage

Kitchens and bathrooms benefit from wall organisers, a sneaky storage solution for small apartments. You can hang all sorts of organisers on walls, and in doing so, increase your floor space. There are an eye popping range of organisers out there in all sorts of materials, from wood and wicker, to metal and plastic, and an array of colours. Blend them in with existing decor or go for contrast to create visual impact. 

5. Crafty Storage

Paper clutter lying on the bench or hall table just looks messy. Clear it off and find a spare drawer to store it temporarily before going through it. If you prefer it within sight, an old dish rack makes a great filofax for holding mail, loose papers and files. Peg boards are a cute retro look for pinning those important bills. 

6. Under Furniture Storage

If you’re short on cupboards, make the most of the spaces under your furniture for storing excess stuff. Couches, coffee tables, media cabinets and beds may have enough room to slide slim storage bins or boxes - problem solved!

7. Bathroom Storage

If your bathroom has non-existent storage you’re going to have to get creative. Look for places you can add sneaky shelving; in corners, above doorways or windows or even around the toilet. A good shower caddy is a must for keeping shampoo and other toiletries tidy. Bring in creative props such as a ladder or decorative wall hooks for holding towels.

8. Kitchen Storage

If you’re building or renovating go for smaller decent brand appliances that still give you the power but more space. Keep your pantry organised with uniform air-tight canisters for dry goods, don’t forget to label! A multi-functional island can double as extra bench space and storage for everyday cooking utensils and spices.

9. Back of Door Storage

The space on the back of doors is a popular storage solution for small apartment owners, and particularly useful in bedrooms and kitchens. Hang organisers or affix plastic stick on hooks for handbags, jewellery, shoes, socks/underwear, toiletries, cleaning products, the list goes on... 

10. Multi-purpose Storage

If you don’t have a lot of room for different pieces of furniture in your living room, go for one multipurpose unit. You’ll keep everything in one place, and free up floor space so you can swing that proverbial cat. 

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