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It’s that time of year again, when many of us pack up and leave our homes for a holiday destination. But while we’re having fun in the sun, it’s often our homes that are left as easy targets for theft.

Planning in advance and putting in place some simple precautions can really make the difference between a stress-free holiday season or holiday disaster. 

1. Keep Security Up To Date

One of the first things you’ll want to do is ensure your home has up-to-date security in place. Statistics have shown that are high percentage of property break-ins occurred because of faulty locks, window frames or neglected alarm systems. The more secure your home, the longer it takes for a burglar to gain access.

2. Keep It In Clear View

Nothing is more off-putting to a burglar than being caught in the act. Make sure your home is in clear view of the street by removing any unnecessary foliage or shrubs that may hide the entrance. A home in clear view of passers by, is a harder target for unwelcome guests.

3. Secure All Levels

Burglars are well aware that entrances above the ground level are often less secure or neglected. Check that all doors and windows on the first floor and additional levels are fully secure and in good working order. Even external air-conditioners and window grills should be checked, as they can help thieves fast-track their access to upper levels.

4. Befriend The Neighbours

Unfortunately, being friendly with the neighbours, is not something people typically do anymore. However, becoming friends with the people next door, could be your saving grace.

Ask a neighbour you trust to collect your mail while away. They can also ensure leaflets or newspapers that build up on your doorstep are cleared away regularly.

Another great way to utilise your friendship with neighbours is to invite them to park their car in your driveway while you’re away. Not only does this signal someone is home, but it gives them an extra car space they’ll appreciate.

5.  Lock Away Valuables

The most common valuables a burglar targets are money and jewellery. Install a quality safe in your house, so you have extra security for those more precious items.

Avoid placing your safe in the bedroom - burglars know this is the most popular location for a home safe! Instead, choose an unlikely spot, which is difficult to uncover and access.

6. Monitor From a Distance

Monitored security systems are a smart investment that give homeowners the flexibility to arm and disarm their alarm system from remote locations.

This technology allows you to remotely open doors for visitors or deliveries, view security cameras from your smart phone, and check in on the condition of your home, from wherever you are.

7. Don’t Advertise Your Possessions

Whenever you have expensive items out on display, it’s like shouting out “come and get it!” to outsiders. Err on the side of caution and conceal those expensive items by keeping them away from windows or ensuring all blinds and curtains are kept closed.

8. Play It Safe On Social Media

Whatever you do, avoid over-sharing on social media. Whilst sharing vacation pictures with your friends may seem like an awesome idea, promoting the fact you’re away from home for an extended time, is making your home vulnerable to undesirable visitors.

If you must share your holiday fun, change your privacy settings so only close friends and family see your property is ‘home alone!’ 

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